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Why Can't I apply on my own with out using an agent?

People will not represent themselves in a court of law without an appointed advocate and lawyer who knows the law intimately and can best put their case to the judge and jury utilizing their skills, experience and knowledge to the advantage of the client. The same applies in migration cases.

You can process your application on your own. All the information is available on net. But do remember the guidelines available are vague & generalized in nature. You need to understand & interpret the guidelines as per your age, income, academics, professional back ground, time of application & several other factors. The same set of rules apply to ten different people in ten different ways depending upon one's personal circumstances which only a true professional can understand.

In migration applications, you potentially have one chance at success, fail and you could possibly close the doors. As specialists, we ensure that you firstly apply for the right visa, and secondly we prepare your case in a manner that will guarantee the best possible opportunity for a visa grant.

We ensure that the correct information is stated on the vast number of application forms, that you present the correct supporting evidence, and we then submit a substantial submission (up to 20-120 pages depending on which country you are applying for) with your application where we address every single aspect of the applicable law, regulations and procedures manual the immigration officers use in relation to your case and the supporting evidence you supplied.

There is normally a great deal of communication and queries after a visa application is lodged with the department - mostly due to changes in circumstances, regulations or due to the long period that application processing takes. We take care of all of these questions and represent you until you obtain your visa. We are required to undertake ongoing intensive annual studies to allow us re-registration annually.

Most Common Mistakes done by the applicants if they are processing visa on their own:

  • Weak Documentation - Most of the applicants either follow some one who has applied in the past or try to interpret on their own and end up getting into unwarranted situations which might include a permanent refusal.

  • Poor Preparation - Preparation is very important on the kind of documents parameters interpreted. For example , to prove you get a certain income you need to provide an official proof attested by the Govt. , some interpret this as a Form 60 but form 60 in some countries is not accepted and no where it is written that form 60 is not accepted .

  • Presentation - This is very important considering that people who process your applications are also human beings and can make errors which might result in a serious delay. Opulentus knows how to present the documents in the best way and get the results swift.

  • Free advices may lead to confusion - Giving a free advice is like asking some one to take a medicine directly from medical shop to save doctor fee, which might result life taking. Same is here, don't play with your career instead choose a specialist.

  • Believing bogus theories on how visas are issued - These are made by people who have very little at stake. You know your dream is big and a life changing strategic move so don't compromise or listen to people who might actually know nothing or have nothing to do with your result . Trust the best and assign them your career move.

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