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As a scholar and a lover of quality of education, you can get a student visa to study abroad by migrating and studying in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Denmark, Austria and so on. This will get you enriched intellectually and also get you a professional degree good enough to fetch you a high standard of living anywhere in the world. However, most students don't find it easy pursuing their academic dreams abroad in countries having renowned institutions that can offer high standards of education because they are often faced with many challenges related to immigration especially when it's hard securing student visas of the respective country.

These challenges may arise as a result of not adhering to any of the following:

  • Possession of the necessary documents needed for issuing the visa
  • Acquisition of all the related information pertaining to visa processing so that the individual does not encounter anything that may delay the visa processing
  • There are certain visas that have been laid down by the respective country and must be followed while processing visa

If you are already thinking of giving up on your dream of overseas education because of these challenges, then you can consult Opulentus India where you can be given the necessary guidance and advice in order to resolve the crisis concerning documentation for visa processing.


A student visa is a visa issued to applicants whose primary purpose is to study abroad in order to pursue their main goal "education". These visas are governed by specific immigration laws peculiar to each country. Some countries allow students to work and settle abroad at the completion of their education if they so wish.

Classification of student visas

Student visas are classified based on the program's duration and the type of program/student.

Based on program duration

The visa issued based on the duration of program can be:

  • Short term student visas: These visas are given to students planning to take short-term courses [language, diploma certificate] with a duration often limited to 3 months.
  • Long-term student visas: This is given to students who plan to take up degree courses extending beyond the duration of 3 months. It includes small certificate programs of 6 months and beyond

Based on the type of program/student

Some countries do not classify the visa no matter how the duration differs but based on the program and the type of student. This can either be the level of degree (Undergraduate, Masters, or PHD) or for students applying for diploma or vocational courses. Generally, apart from being classified based on the type of course one is applying for, there's also a relation to the tenure of the course.

Documents and Requirements for student Visa Application

Each country has specific laws and requirements [list of documents] regarding immigration, but there are certain documents which are generally needed in applying for a student visa. These include:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof as a bonafide student
  • Financial liquidity
  • Language proficiency
  • To get other specific documents, laws and requirements for countries like Canada, Hong Kong, USA, Denmark, Austria you can consult Opulentus India. We are willing to relieve of those headache-causing questions.

    We can give you the necessary assistance that you need to ease up the application process. Try us today and see why thousands of customers trust us at a time by applying for different countries visa through us.

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