Canada Spouse and Children Dependent Visa

How to Apply for Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Visa?

The Immigration Family Class intends to rejoin close family members in Canada. The Family Class enables Canadian nationals and permanent residents to sponsor their dependent parents and grandparents, children, and spouse or common-law/conjugal partner. Canada firmly supports retaining families together whenever feasible. As such, the Family Class applications processing is given the most significant priority at Visa Offices.

Spousal Sponsorship Category

The program of Spousal Sponsorship is a subsection of the category of Family Class immigration. Below this program, Canadian Permanent Resident may sponsor a spouse or common-law partner for Canadian PR.

Both the citizen of Canada or permanent resident (also called the 'sponsor') and the global national (the 'sponsored person') should be allowed by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (I.R.C.C) for the sponsored person to obtain a visa.

To get a visa with this immigration program, the sponsor and sponsored person should prove that their relationship suits below one of three categories:

  • Spouse
  • Common-law Partner
  • Conjugal Partner

NOTE: Canada identifies same-sex marriage, and same-sex partners may be qualified to appeal below any of the above three categories, granted they satisfy all qualification requirements.

Outland Sponsorship

An Outland appeal has commonly proceeded when the sponsored partner is living Canada outside. However, Outland candidates can still be in Canada and appeal through the Outland program and may be allowed to travel in and out of the country during the process of application. Outland appeals are handled through the visa office that agrees with the applicant's origin country, or where they have lived lawfully for minimum one year.

Inland Sponsorship

The other possible choice for Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship is the Inland way. Inland sponsorship is when the pair is mutually in Canada, and the international spouse/common-law partner has Canadian temporary status, either as a student, worker, or visitor. The person being sponsored may be suitable for an Open Work Permit, granting him or her to work for any organization in Canada while the sponsorship appeal is being processed.

Post Sponsorship

Permanent residence awarded below the Spousal Sponsorship program carries specific conditions that should meet:

  • The sponsor is economically responsible for the candidate sponsored for three years later the sponsored person converts a permanent resident.
  • People who come to Canada as spouses are themselves prohibited from sponsoring a spouse in turn for five years later receiving Canada PR.

Please fill up the free evaluation form provided by Opulentus Australia to take the initial step for your Canadian Dependent Visa.

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